Jet Rag’s Sunday Morning Dollar Sale

Jet Rag Dollar SaleJet Rag Dollar SaleJet Rag Dollar SaleJet Rag Dollar Sale

Jet Rag Dollar SaleJet Rag Dollar SaleJet Rag Dollar SaleJet Rag Dollar Sale

For those of you Jet Rag Dollar Sale virgins out there, I’ve crafted a “How-To” guide because if you don’t know what you’re doing, well, you’re simply not going to have a very good time.  But when executed properly, one can spend virtually no money and score several gems digging through these parking lot piles on Sunday mornings.

What to bring: Water, Small Blanket, Several $1 bills, A friend

Arrive between 10:15-10:30 am.  There’s no sense in getting there any earlier.  You’ll simply wear yourself out.  (Don’t forget to put money in the meter because this part of Los Angeles doesn’t believe in the rule of Sundays.)

Lay out your small blanket anywhere you can. This is now your home base.

Peruse the piles, but don’t sell yourself short- the real goods are in the plastic wrapped bundles.  Around 10:45, meander over to the bundles.  Hover, get close, and don’t let anybody else push in front of you.

The man with the cutters will appear.  He will announce the rules… something along the lines of “You must wait until the last bundle has been opened.”  He will reprimand you if you break the rules.  Your fellow vultures will also yell, point, laugh, and you will become a dollar sale enemy.  But, a slight lunge is highly recommendable.

3, 2, 1, GO!!!!! Grab everything you can. Go Gooo GOOOO.

Drop everything at home base and cover with small blanket.  If you’re feeling super motivated, stand behind someone else as they dig through their pile and snag their rejects.

Once you feel your pile is sufficient, start sorting.  If you’re with friends, don’t forget to ask them about an item before tossing it back in the big pile because once it’s gone, it’s gone!

If you want to practice your vulture tactic before hitting up the Dollar Sale, both Father’s Office and Wurstkuche will offer their services as practice grounds for the mere price of a beer.

Jet Rag is located at


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