114 Deodar Trees

114 Deodar Trees114 Deodar TreesDeodar TreeDeodar TreeDeodar Tree

One day, Honi was walking down the street and saw a man planting a carob tree.  Honi said, “What are you planting that tree for?  You’ll die before it bears any fruit.”  The man responded, “Ahhh, yes, but my forefathers planted carob trees for me as I will plant them for my grandchildren.”

The story ends with Honi taking a 70-year nap, discovering fruit on the tree, meeting the appreciative grandchildren, and subsequently praying for death because the younger generation didn’t believe 70-year naps were possible.  Thankfully, the latter part of this tale is not relevant.

The relevant part is that sometimes, great people plant trees for future generations.  Men like John Orcutt.   In 1933, Orcutt planted these cedar trees along .75 miles of White Oak Ave. between San Jose St. and San Fernando Mission Blvd.  Nearly 80 years later, they tower over the street, transporting the onlooker to Pakistan.  After all, the Deodar Cedar is Pakistan’s national tree.

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