Avenel Cooperative Housing Project

Gregory AinGregory AinGregory AinGregory Ain

Gregory Ain grew up on the Llano Del Rio, a socialist Utopian society in Antelope Valley.  The cooperative wasn’t successful because the rio wasn’t reliable, but it was successful in engraining the values of community living into the minds of its youth.

Ain is often considered a socialist architect.  Whether or not there is truth in the consideration, he did design this cooperative housing project in Silverlake to house four blacklisted families.  Additionally, he tried to place a communal kitchen in the development, but the Federal Housing Administration wagged its finger.

Historically, there’s so much more going on here than what meets the eye.  But, the reason this project is listed on the National Register of Historic Places is because of its effective use of space.  To the passerby, there are 10 identical living spaces, 2 identical hillside structures, and zero street signs indicating these buildings’ innovations.


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