Rose Parade Float Viewing

Rose Parade Float ViewingRose Parade Float ViewingRose Parade Float ViewingRose Parade Float Viewing

The only rule of Rose Parade float decoration is that a float must be covered in organic material.  This is not limited to roses, as the name might imply.  But, this year’s record-breaking float in both weight and length (100,000 lbs and 116 ft) used over 25,000 roses! And that’s just one float.  The 2012 parade had 43 floats, which begs the question… where do all these roses come from?

Though the parade started off showcasing California’s year-round ability to produce flowers, the recent trend has been to import flowers from Central and South America.  This year marks the first ever “California Grown” initiative with two floats sporting materials solely grown in California.

Economics aside, you can either witness the finished floats on your television, as one of 700,000 Rose Parade attendees, or you can catch the blending, chopping, and gluing of the floats while they’re being decorated.  For more info on pre-parade float viewing, check here:


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