Rose Bowl

Wisconsin Badgers TailgateFull tunnel at the Rose BowlRose BowlGame over

Since I do not regularly attend college football games, or any football games for that matter, my initial observations may not pertain to the Rose Bowl.  But, it seems as though it is only under the pretext of football that 7 AM drunkenness is acceptable.  Because the Rose Bowl is surrounded by two 18-hole golf courses run by the Brookside Men’s Golf Club, there are 27.8 acres available for tailgating if you’re willing to pay the 40 bucks to park.  My other observation is that it is only under the pretext of football your average bro will get excited by a tuba.

Anyway, on January 1st 1890, the Pasadena Valley Hunt Club hosted their first tourney.  They invited their fellow East coasters to showoff Southern California’s year-round sunshine.  There was a parade of flowers, and then were games.

Well, the foot races, tugs of war, and jousting battles only lasted for so long before America demanded football.  So, the official football game at the Rose Bowl came 12 years later. In 1902, the University of Michigan clobbered Sanford University, 49-0.

Michigan has also “won” more Beef Bowls than any other university.  The Lawry’s endorsed annual tradition has been offering the Rose Bowl football teams a “competition” in Prime Rib consumption since 1956.  The superstition goes: if you win the Beef Bowl, then you’ll win the Rose Bowl.  Though Michigan won that first Rose Bowl game, they’re the only university to have won more Beef Bowls than Rose Bowls.

This fun website contains 154 facts about the Rose Bowl:


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