Bubeshko Apartments

Bubeshko ApartmentsRudolph SchindlerRudolph SchindlerRudolph Schindler

I normally go hunting for the buildings I photograph, but this one called to me as I drove passed.  I first noticed its ornaments because they look like cranes with touching beaks made from Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired textile blocks.  So, I googled the address (2036-2046 Griffith Park Blvd) only to learn that this complex is a 1941 Rudolph Schindler.  It is moments like these when I wish all permanent structures came with informational plaques.  If this building’s hypothetical plaque were also to include an historical fact, it would read: Schindler designed this apartment complex so that it could be easily re-divided into more or less units depending on the tenants’ needs.

I would also like to comment that I wish they would put these plaques next to trees, as if the whole city were an arboretum.

Anyway, the Bubeshko family owned the building for 65 years, and though they sold it in 2005, its new owners are proud to maintain its Schindler-ness.  So proud, in fact, they even won a 2010 Preservation Award from the Los Angeles Conservancy.  Read more about that award here: http://www.laconservancy.org/awards/10_bubeshko.php   


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