LA Pride Parade

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LA Pride ParadeLA Pride Parade

The history of the LA Pride Parade has been rooted in activism since its inception in 1970, as it was born out of the desire to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969.  At that time, just to have the parade, it took a California Superior Court order to convince the LAPD that they must protect this group of citizens as they would protect any other group of citizens.

How the times have changed.  The LAPD was a major force at the front of the parade promoting its new program called SHARE: Stop Hate and Respect Everyone.  But, the need for activism remains as groups supporting marriage equality showed up en masse.  In the fight for equality, one can be easily discouraged sitting in front of their television. This event was a reminder that there is a community of people who know that all love is equal love.

This event was also a reminder that if you have been marginalized by a community that doesn’t know all love is equal love, there are still prominent figures and organizations who will support you including, but not limited to PFLAG, Molly Ringwald, and Bank of America, which had shockingly large representation.  And I have to mention Villaraigosa’s appearance because he seemed incredibly out of his element as he announced, “I’m proud of you LA,” and commented on street drinkers, “That margarita looks good.”  But, it was still nice for him to show up and support.

For more information about pride, check here:


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  1. So bummed that I wasn’t in LA at the time! 😦

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