Silk Floss Tree

Silk Floss TreeSilk Floss TreeSilk Floss Tree

If I told you it has a green stem and thorns, you’d call it a rose bush.  If I told you it makes silk, you might call it a worm.  And if I said it’s South American with extremely flashy pink flowers, I don’t know, maybe you’d call it a flamenco dancer? Either way, it is none of these things.

The Silk Floss Tree is perhaps one of the most unusual specimens in Los Angeles, but it is not unusual to see them lining our streets.   Though I’ve chosen to point out how they are strange, we have chosen them because they do exactly what we want them to do… Just when you fear summer is winding down and fall is setting in, the Silk Floss’s flowers burst onto the scene. How can you not love this late bloomer?


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