Deep Creek Hot Springs

Deep Creek Hot SpringsDeep Creek Hot SpringsDeep Creek Hot SpringsDeep Creek Hot Springs

When Angelenos leave town on the 15 searching for nudity, they’re normally going to Vegas.  But, one only needs to drive to Hesperia to find these nude bathing pools.  That is, one gets off the freeway in Hesperia and then drives another 20 miles or so, 6+ of which are on a dirt road.  Also, once you park, it’s still another 2 mile hike down to Deep Creek.  Most importantly, the Deep Creek Volunteers remind us that “nude is not lewd,” which is to say, there are no poles, no pasties, and no private rooms.  It’s kind of like how Eleanor Roosevelt said, “A woman is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”  Well, there were a lot of women in very hot water during my visit to these hot springs and all of them were wearing their bathing suits.  Sometimes, it’s just nice to know that if you have a burning desire to take off all your clothes, you won’t get arrested.

I’m a firm believer that hot springs are always enjoyable, but the best part about this trip is the landscape.  You start in a Joshua Tree speckled desert, you work your way across a hillside covered with juniper and sage, and then you reach a portion of the 23-mile Deep Creek.  I don’t know where the creek begins or how, even after a dry summer, there is still water flowing.  But, there’s no wonder the Forest Service reports, “Deep Creek supports the greatest diversity of wildlife habitats of any drainage on the San Bernardino National Forest.”

For more information about these springs, check here:


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