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Calabasas Peak

Calabasas Peak rock formationCalabasas Peak: the hikeViews from Calabasas PeakViews from Calabasas Peak

A fire road off Stunt Road, about a mile south of Mulholland, leads you to the 2163 foot summit of Calabasas Peak.  While there’s a 1000 foot elevation gain, it’s a fairly easy stroll.  I’d highly recommended this on a clear day for far-reaching views of both the Valley and the Santa Monica Mountains.

Leonis Adobe Museum

Miguel Leonis's House at the Leonis Adobe MuseumLiving RoomBarnLonghorn Cattle

Miguel Leonis died on a drunken carriage ride through the Cahuenga Pass.  He fell off his seat and was run over by a wheel, leaving behind a $300,000 estate and over 10,000 acres of land.  Whether or not Leonis rightfully owned his land, his wife fought for her rightful ownership in court.  She won possession of the estate, but there were rumors Leonis left behind treasure that nobody can locate.

While a visit to this museum won’t lead you to buried treasure, you will still find a gem.  When I walked through the door, there were four women dressed in 1860’s costume with their knitting needles, waiting to greet visitors.  They escorted me to a historical video narrated by Antonio Villaraigosa.  Then I got a one-on-one tour with one of the women through the house, the barn, the garden, and the “ranch.”

For more information about LA’s #1 historical-cultural monument, check here:



Calabasas Creek Park

Calabasas Creek Park FountainCalabasas Creek Park  RosesCalabasas Creek Park creek, bridge, oak and ducksCalabasas Creek Park Chumash Village

Calabasas Creek Park is divided into three very distinct areas. The rose garden, the creek, and the new trend sweeping all the parks… a Chumash Village.  Well okay, the new trend sweeping one park.  This park’s land is owned by the Leonis Adobe Museum.  Since Mr. Miguel Leonis married a Chumash woman from Rancho El Escorpion (what we now call Bell Canyon), the museum is commemorating its Chumash heritage.

Topanga Cactus Garden

Topanga Cactus Garden entrance gatesCactus grow in shopping cartsTopanga Cactus Garden directions postTopanga Cactus GardenTopanga Cactus Garden Wagon

I have been curious about this place forever. Does the city own it? Is it private? When I googled the address, all I found was something called Planet Muscle Magazine and I can’t for the life of me figure out what body builders and a cactus garden have to do with one another.
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