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Escondido Canyon Trail and Waterfalls

So you park on Winding Way East, down on PCH.  You do your best to ignore the Mediterranean vernacular mega-mansions peppered along the mile of paved road.  You arrive at the trailhead and enjoy the stroll to a peaceful pond.

Feeling curious, you continue up the trail.  It gets steeper, but you’re still curious.  You stumble upon some ropes to aid your scramble and alas, arrive at the 150-foot falls.  High fives all around.

Questions are asked, “Where is the water coming from?” and, “Can we get to the top of the falls?”  Everyone agrees it is a terrible idea to continue, except for one adventurer.  “I’ll be back,” he says.

He doesn’t come back.  You wait.  He still doesn’t come back… Where did he go?  Having not prepared for this scenario when you left your cell phones in the car, you decide to hope your adventurer’s competence exceeds your expectations and head back down the mountain.

After you recover your adventurer, he reports: “I couldn’t find a way down, so I kept going up.  I was terribly thirsty.  I found a wall and figured I’d try and climb it.  I literally fell down the other side of the wall and heard someone yell, ‘CUT.’  I guess they were filming some TV show.  The PAs gave me water and bandaids.  One of them drove me back down.  Thank God for Hollywood.”

William Faulkner said, “Hollywood is a place where a man can get stabbed in the back while climbing a ladder,” Clearly, Faulkner’s first mistake was climbing ladders.  He should have been scaling mountains.

For more info on Escondido Canyon park, check here:

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