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Miracle Mile North

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“Between Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, but North of Wilshire” is simply too long of a title for this area whose identity is as nebulous as the reason behind there being no convenient route to drive to this part of the city.  You’d think after Disneyland-oriented developer, Rick Caruso, gave the neighboring Farmer’s Market a face-lift he would have subsidized easy access.  But, the transportation situation to this “Miracle Mile” has changed about as much as these Miracle Mile North buildings after becoming a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone in 1990.

This area is protected because it reflects Hancock Park in period revival styles, namely Spanish Colonial and Tutor.  Unlike their stylistic counterpart, these Miracle Mile North homes reflect neither Hollywood money nor oil money in lot size or bathroom count. These houses don’t make you shout, “What kinds of jobs could these people possibly have!” as you drive down their streets. These homes are single-story, storybook influenced, and family oriented.  While their aesthetics don’t currently stand out on a trek between Highland and La Cienega, it’s still comforting to know that in 30 years, even if all of Beverly Hills adjacent becomes another Park La Brea, we will still have 1/5 of a square mile to remember the period of development between 1924 and 1941.

Urban Lights


Chris Burden might be best known for nailing his hands to the back of a Volkswagon or the performance work “Shoot” where he has 8 seconds of footage of his friend shooting him in the arm. But, he also designed this sculpture from over 200 cast-iron lampposts from around Los Angeles County as a new LACMA centerpiece.
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