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Nethercutt Museum

Facade of Nethercutt Museum1934 Packard LeBaron Sport Phaeton1905 Franklin E/Gentleman's RoadsterNethercutt Museum placard Car mascots   Car Mascott     Car Mascott   Car mascott   Car mascot

It’s almost like walking into Wal-Mart.  Even if you remembered to pocket your shopping list from the kitchen counter, there’s something about the sheer volume of the space that renders you uncertain of what you had planned to accomplish.

So, I started small- car mascots.  In display cases lining one of the Nethercutt Museum’s warehouse walls, there are 1100 car mascots to peruse.  After I revved my engine, so to say, I moved on to the 130+ cars on display.  Each had their own informational plaque.  Each had their own unique history. But, they all managed to find their way Sylmar.

I later found out this was the Nethercutt Museum, not the Nethercutt Collection.  The Collection is in an entirely different warehouse down the block.  For more information about this unique display of antique automobiles, check here: 


The Cascades

Los Angeles AqueductLos Angeles Aqueduct

“The grass is always greener” is no infallible phrase.  In the Owens Valley circa 1913, the grass was green and its residents wanted to keep it that way.  Unfortunately for them, Southern California’s relentless demand for water was driven by wild population growth and a rather profitable agricultural industry.  Not to mention LA’s politicians had an upper-hand over the ranchers of the Owens Valley in the art of deceit.

Over 30,000 folks drove out to Sylmar on November 5th, 1913 to watch water roar down the cascades for the first time.  William Mulholland, engineering mastermind behind the 223 miles of the new Los Angeles Aqueduct, famously exclaimed, “There it is.  Take it.”

As a kid, what I wanted so badly to be a waterslide was not the part of the original project from 1913.  There’s a second Owen’s Valley aqueduct completed in 1970.


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