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LA Pride Parade

villaraigosaHollywood Cheerleaders

LA Pride ParadeLA Pride Parade

The history of the LA Pride Parade has been rooted in activism since its inception in 1970, as it was born out of the desire to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969.  At that time, just to have the parade, it took a California Superior Court order to convince the LAPD that they must protect this group of citizens as they would protect any other group of citizens.

How the times have changed.  The LAPD was a major force at the front of the parade promoting its new program called SHARE: Stop Hate and Respect Everyone.  But, the need for activism remains as groups supporting marriage equality showed up en masse.  In the fight for equality, one can be easily discouraged sitting in front of their television. This event was a reminder that there is a community of people who know that all love is equal love.

This event was also a reminder that if you have been marginalized by a community that doesn’t know all love is equal love, there are still prominent figures and organizations who will support you including, but not limited to PFLAG, Molly Ringwald, and Bank of America, which had shockingly large representation.  And I have to mention Villaraigosa’s appearance because he seemed incredibly out of his element as he announced, “I’m proud of you LA,” and commented on street drinkers, “That margarita looks good.”  But, it was still nice for him to show up and support.

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Art on the Outside

Art on the Outside, West HollywoodArt on the Outside, West HollywoodArt on the Outside, West Hollywood

Art on the Outside, West HollywoodArt on the Outside, West Hollywood

Art on the Outside, West HollywoodArt on the Outside, West HollywoodArt on the Outside, West Hollywood

Catching another driver singing and dancing like a maniac.  Catching someone picking their nose, talking on a headset you can’t see, playing the ukulele, blowing bubbles out the window, or scurrying to grab something from their trunk before a light turns green.  When you’re stuck in traffic, you learn to appreciate the little things that make a ride tolerable.

The city of West Hollywood says, “Art on the Outside brings art out into the public realm from the traditional confines of gallery and museum settings to enhance the City’s lively pedestrian-friendly culture.”  But let’s be serious, unless you’re taking a drunken late-night stumble out of the Troubadour it’s pretty unlikely you’ll find yourself standing in the middle of Santa Monica Boulevard where “Elemental,” an Art on the Outside sculpture exhibit, is on display.

Either way, it sure makes a slow commute more positive.  Now, if only West Hollywood could evaporate all the other 39,000 daily passers-by of the Santa Monica Boulevard/Doheny Drive intersection!

For more information on “Elemental,” check here:

Mutato Muzika – 8760 Sunset Blvd.

Oscar Niemeyer - Sunset StripOscar Niemeyer - Sunset Strip

The Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, designed this international style office building in 1967.  Located at 8760 Sunset Blvd., this building houses Mutato Muzika‘s main office- the music production company of former Devo band-member, Mark Mothersbough.  But, before “Whip It” hit the top 40 charts, a Dr. Robert A. Franklyn was snipping top Hollywood stars.

Dr. Franklyn, the building’s commissioner and former tenant, referred to 8760 Sunset as “The Beauty Pavilion” where he ran a plastic surgery practice.  In 1968, Dr. Franklyn told Sports Illustrated, “Well, if I have one thing in the world going for me, it is my excellent good taste.” From architecture to women (he was once married to Vanessa Brown), Dr. Franklyn wasn’t kidding.

West Hollywood Public Library

West Hollywood LibraryWest Hollywood LibraryWest Hollywood LibraryShepard FaireyWest Hollywood LibraryWest Hollywood Library

This $64 million project, which opened in October of 2011, developed in partnership between the city of West Hollywood and the Los Angeles County library system.  Santa Monica’s Johnson/Favaro architecture and urban design firm drew the plans for the brand new book depot.  The firm’s budding relationship with West Hollywood will also result in a redesign of the Sunset Strip and West Hollywood Park.

Compared to the colorful Pacific Design Center whales across the street, the white, square building doesn’t quite stand out.  But, Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf, and Retna have decorated its parking garage with colorful murals.


Jacob Hashimoto – “The Departure”

The DepartureThe DepartureThe DepartureThe Departure

“The Departure” sits in front of the Andaz on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.  There are 700 painted aluminum tiles strung on nautical cables.  This work holds true to Jacob Hashimoto‘s fascination with tapestries.  It was installed in 2008.

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