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Roxy Paine – “Erratic”

Roxy Paine - ErraticRoxy Paine - Erratic

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.  So, why then are you, yet again, stuck in traffic in Beverly Hills on Big Santa Monica Blvd.? At least, this is what you’re asking yourself when you’re running late, all the radio stations are playing commercials, there’s a cop right behind you, and you look out the window to see that Beverly Hills has curated a steel pile of poop.

Well, kind of. Roxy Paine is an American sculptor who is known for his “dendroid” sculptures that are like trees, but made of steel.  He often replicates nature in his work, which he then refers to with loose fitting titles like Distillation and Defunct. This piece, Erratic, actually refers to a geological anomaly where a boulder makes a home somewhere it’s not supposed to be by doing something like hitching a ride on an iceberg in a prehistoric flood.

Paine’s works highlight our struggle to find balance between the natural and the unnatural.  This steel boulder in Beverly Gardens Park is no exception.  Unless you think it looks like a pile of poop, in which case, it still invokes an uncomfortable reaction, just not one that toys with the complexities of being a human in 2012.

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