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Struckus House

Struckus House, William GoffStruckus House, William GoffStruckus House, William Goff

After Northrup Grumann moved its headquarters from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. in 2010, it became increasingly reasonable to forget LA’s former leading role in the aerospace industry.  In 1987, just before the end of the Cold War, Los Angeles County was home to 10% of the national aerospace jobs.  Al Struckus was one such aerospace worker employed by the Canoga Park company, Rocketdyne, now defunct.

So, I suppose it’s no wonder Oklahoma architect, Bruce Goff, designed this bachelor pad to look like something in between a multi-eyed alien and a rocket ship.  Though it has 1,730 square feet of living space, it’s a 1 bed/1 bath.  Perhaps this house is not the most practical design, but it’s Goff’s only residential building on the West coast and the last building he ever designed.

For more information, check out this Dwell Magazine article:

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