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Dixie Canyon

Dixie CanyonDixie CanyonDixie CanyonDixie Canyon

Most of the land along Mulholland is made of vast open spaces like Topanga State Park and Malibu Creek State Park.  But, there’s that strip of Mulholland people have heavily populated which straddles Sherman Oaks/Studio City on the valley side and Beverly Hills/West Hollywood/Hollywood on the city side.  For example, Beverly Crest has 13 times the people per square mile than Unincorporated Santa Monica Mountains.

The people who live along populated Mulholland drive over the hill and back again.  Back and forth, back and forth.  In a video for Pacific Standard Time, Ice Cube weighs the good and the bad about Los Angeles, “The bad: the traffic. Each freeway has its own personality.  The 405, bougie traffic.  The 110, ha ha, that’s gangster traffic right there. There’s a difference, you gotta know where you at.”  So, where are you at in canyon traffic?  Who are those Angelinos?

But, the more relevant question is who are the Angelinos hiking in those canyons instead of driving over them?

Well, I’ll offer that my friends and I used to come here a lot in high school, partly because many of my friends lived down the block, but mostly because we needed oxygen to breath.  I’ll bet the neighbors called us hooligans.  We thought we’d found freedom.

There’s probably something interesting to say about the fact that Warren Beatty donated this 20-acre parcel of land in the 80’s, but I’m flooded with nostalgia and the strong belief that Los Angeles does offer refuges when we’re smart enough to brake for them.

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