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Holi Festival of Colors

Holi Festival of ColorsHoli Festival of ColorsHoli Festival of ColorsHoli Festival of Colors

St. Patrick’s Day dominates the American mid-March holiday scene.  The holiday, imported from Ireland, places the color green at the focal point of its festivities.  Holi Festival of Colors, however, is imported from India and celebrates every color.  Well, technically the festival celebrates that the hero of Holi’s story, Prahlada, was set to fire in a pyre on the lap of his aunt, Holika.  Holika burned to death and Prahlada survived.  I don’t know enough to tell whether we’re celebrating the death of Holika, the survival of Prahlada, or if spring is just a really good time to throw colored chalk on a bunch of strangers.  But, what a great idea for a holiday!

For more information on Los Angeles’s celebration, check here:

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