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I’ve Never Hated Anyone As Much As I Love You


It’s odd how cities like New York and Boston that are both contained within defined boundaries have also both maintained their early architecture.  Here, our metropolis continues to push out and yet buildings go up and down faster than even our neighborhoods’ populations change.  So, my most recent hypothesis about the Angelino identity is that we are a people forced to find comfort in a world where everything’s ephemeral.

I loved this wall.  I still have to buck-up my hypothesized Angelino-ness to help reconcile with this loss every time I drive by. But if I could just buck-up my inner-Capitalist, I could afford to buy my very own Septerhed and hang it in my bedroom.

Luckily, I can peruse Septerhed’s work for free here:

Vacant Lot


Vacant lot on the SW corner of Melrose and Sycamore.

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