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Brewery Arts Complex Carousel Horse

Brewery Arts Complex Carousel HorseBrewery Arts Complex Carousel Horse

Though the Lincoln Heights Piggyback Rail Yard has a boundlessly romantic mixed-use vision for the development of the LA River, there’s still something about a rail yard that seems susceptible to the grotesque.  So on a mission to collect a package from the UPS Customer Center in Lincoln Heights that borders the Piggyback Rail Yard, it’s fair to say I had a fleeting feeling in my belly.  This feeling made my encounter with this giant, seemingly abandoned tangle of wire all the more distressing.

It turns out, the Brewery Arts Complex – the world’s largest artist-in-residence community – also shares borders with the Piggyback Rail yard.  Artists have colonized a former Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery since 1982. This carousel horse on a shipping container is a marker for the arts complex, and though I went 26 years without knowing this complex existed, the horse effectively communicates its message to the passerby.

The Brewery offers biannual art walks, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming dates to get a peek inside this place.  Read more here:

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